Ruby Baskerville

Ruby Baskerville is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been involved in private practice for several years working with a variety of individuals, families, and couples.  Ruby specializes in pre-marital counseling, faith-based counseling, and young adults.  In addition to her specializations, Ruby offers support and guidance for the elderly who may experience challenges with illnesses, loneliness, depression, and many other challenges facing our elders.  In addition, Ruby works with caregivers who may experience feelings associated with caring for an elderly person.

Moreover, Ruby has extensive experience working in the field of education, specifically working within the field of special education.  Ruby offers consultative services for families needing guidance through the special education process.

Ruby utilizes a growth mindset approach, reaching and connecting with populations of various ages to deliver a rewarding therapeutic experience. Ruby is known for her warm and caring approach while working with individuals to help them pursue their life goals.