Individual and Group Counseling

We provide counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in need of support.  We provide a safe and supportive environment where we offer valuable insight and assistance in helping individuals and families reach satisfaction in their daily lives.

We also offer support groups to provide clinical, as well as, peer support for individuals faced with challenges that are impacting their ability to live fulfilled and happy lives.  Please check our website for group offerings.

If there is a group you want to see started, email us your interest!  We look forward to hearing from you.


Clinical Supervision

Many state boards of social work and counseling requires a minimum number of hours for clinical supervision in order to obtain a clinical license.  We provide supervision to professionals looking to develop as clinicians.


Life Coaching

Life coaching is an individualized process of examining the needs of the individual, their goals, and creating a strategic plan of action to help them reach a determined level of attainment.  Life coaching will look at the individual’s personal life, profession, relationships, and social network to determine what is currently impacting their ability to reach the level of success they are striving towards.


Educational Counseling/Consulting

We provide psychoeducational assessments, social assessments, transition plans, and educational assessments.

We help parents/students and organizations with educational planning from elementary through high school.

We have an expertise in the field of special education and can be particularly useful in assisting families develop educational planning for their child’s specific needs.

We assist organizations in building programming in the schools to promote student learning.  We offer leadership consultation and help putting systems and structures in place to promote a strong culture and climate within the building.

We offer mental health support to teachers to assist them with the daily challenges of meetings the needs of the students they teach today.


More Services

Evolution Mind serves individuals of all ages in the tristate area. Evolution mind provides individualized, client-centered and solution-focused services within an array of settings.  Services offered may include one or more of the following:


  • Individual and Group Counseling (In-home/office base)
  • Comprehensive psycho-educational assessments
  • Bio-psychological social assessments / needs assessments
  • Behavioral Assistance Services
  • Intensive in community services
  • Functional behavioral assessments
  • Family Support Specialist
  • Educational Surrogate
  • Workshops
  • Life Coaching
  • On-site consultation in community-based settings
  • Advocacy, referral and inter-agency coordination for families served.
  • Psychological Evaluations for Fire and Police

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